Our Classes

We offer classes from Infant to Pre-K
  • Infants (6+ weeks)

    Here at Peachtree Academy, whether your child is six weeks or six months old your child’s development will be supported and nurtured on a daily basis.  Our teachers consistently communicate with our parents the important day-to-day components of their child’s day such as feeding, sleeping, diapering, along with new and exciting learning experiences like first words or first steps.  Blending all of this as well as complying with state-mandated teacher-to-child ratios, fosters the type of infant child-care atmosphere where children learn and grow.

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  • Toddlers (12+ Months)

    A Time to Learn Through Exploration, Excitement, and Exercise
    Now that your toddler is really moving- anxious to explore anything and everything, we have designed activity based learning centers to support the development and maturity of your child.

    We offer a hands-on approach to learning and engaging to foster each child’s brain development, personality, behavior and physical health.

    • Group activities like singing songs or exploring books.
    • Teacher-initiated activities like music or art.
    • Child-directed activities in our Learning Centers.
    • Lunch and nap times to nourish and rest your child’s growing mind and body.
    • Outdoor play at least twice daily to burn off energy and develop motor skills.

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  • Pre-School

    In Pre-School children are preparing for the next step in their lives. They are almost, but not quite, ready to go into Pre-K. Our Pre-School teachers work diligently to make sure that the children in their classes are ready to begin school when they leave their classes to enter Pre-K! Teachers use current Pre-K curriculum standards to prepare their lesson plans, filtering in as much as the children can manage developmentally, giving them the tools that they will need to succeed as they begin their journey of education.

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  • Pre-K

    Thematic units of study are used to formulate the curriculum for Pre-K.  Included are traditional academics such as alphabet recognition, math, science, art, and social studies and phonics are included in the daily routine.  Learning centers are used to enhance the learning of the various objectives through independent play and discovery. 

    We offer computers in our Pre-K classes as well as listening stations and a wide selection of materials to work with to challenge each child’s curiosity.  Our nurturing environment values personal interests and creativity, and will inspire the lifelong love of learning.  Education is a cooperative effort among the faculty, students, and parents.  Field trips will be used to reinforce in class areas of study.  Students are given equal consideration for private school acceptance based on academic ability and the discipline of the student.

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