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Welcome to Peachtree Prep

Early childhood education from Infants through Pre-K


Here at Peachtree Prep, whether your child is six weeks or six months old your child’s development will be supported and nurtured daily.


Now that your toddler is really moving- anxious to explore anything and everything, we have designed activity based learning centers to support the development and maturity of your child.


Thematic units of study are used to formulate the curriculum for Pre-K. Included are traditional academics such as alphabet recognition, math, science, art, and social studies and phonics are included in the daily routine

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Our Classes

Our early childhood program has six dedicated classes plus Pre-K

We provide six classes for infant to four year olds. Our Childhood Education Programs are more than just day care.

We offer a challenging curriculum that is one of the most innovative programs you will find for young children. The Ellington Road and Ebenezer Road Early Childhood Learning Centers begin accepting children at six weeks old and all children are taught using the creative curriculum.
Nurture & Love I
Class name

Infants – 1 Year
or Walking

Nurture & Love II
Class name

12-20 Months

Watch Me Grow
Class name

18-24 Months

Leaps & Bounds I
Class name

2 Year Olds

Leaps & Bounds II
Class name

2 -3 Year Old


Potty Trained & Academically Ready

Discover The World
Class name

4 between Sep 2 & end of Jan


Advanced Preschool


We have been educating children for over fifteen years. Our goal is to create a place that engages each child.

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Friendly Place
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