Camp Peachtree

From May 31st to August 1st

Camp Events

Week 1

Monday: Closed For Memorial Day

Tuesday: Plant Our School Garden, Lima Bean Science Project

Wednesday: Make Handprint Flowers, Color Changing Flowers

Thursday: Create A Seed Bomb, Tissue Paper Flower

Friday: Splashpad, Create A Flower Pot

Week 2

Monday-Friday: Vacation Bible School at Oxford Baptist Church

Week 3

Monday: Glowing moon mobile, Moon Phases with Oreos

Tuesday: Build Rockets, Rocket Races 

Wednesday: Cosmic Bowling Field Trip, Marshmallow Constellations

Thursday: Create moon sand, Astronaut Ice cream

Friday: Splash Pad, Glow in the dark Dance Party

Week 4

Monday: Watercolor Project, Paper Plate Weaving

Tuesday: Build A Birdhouse, Sponge Painting

Wednesday: String Art, Boost Trampoline Field Trip

Thursday: 3D Modeling Clay Creations, Paint With Bubbles

Friday: Splash Pad, Create A Canvas To Display

Week 5

Monday: Create An Oven Mitt, Make A Cook Book

Tuesday: Bread In A Bag, Ice Cream Science

Wednesday: Mitcham Farm Field Trip, Pick Salad From Garden

Thursday: Create Personal Pizzas, Make Fruit Pizza

Friday: Splash Pad, Make Cotton Candy

Week 6

Monday: closed for July 4th

Tuesday: Lego bowling/ Bean bag toss, Lego Freeze dance

Wednesday: Lego Amazing Race, Lego Memory Game 

Thursday: Lego Sorting Relay, Lego Maze Builders 

Friday: Splash Pad, Minute to win it Lego Builds

Week 7

Monday: Grow Crystals, Alcohol Ink Art

Tuesday: Make Bouncy Balls, Elephant toothpaste

Wednesday: Science Wiz Field Trip, Coke explosion

Thursday: Volcanos, Lava lamps

Friday: Splash Pad, Origami

Week 8

Monday: Beach Scavenger hunt, Sea shell Dig

Tuesday: Sand Art In-house Field Trip, Water Play at Peachtree

Wednesday: Seaquest Field Trip, Create a Sea Turtle

Thursday: Create a Sea Crab ,Make a Bubble Wand

Friday: Splash Pad, Ocean Slime

Week 9

Monday: Ninja Training Camp, Water Races

Tuesday: Rock Art, Frisbee Tic Tac Toe

Wednesday: Wild Art Field trip ???, Crab Soccer

Thursday: Melted Crayons, Mystery Taste Test

Friday: Splash Pad, Board Game Championships