Exploring the World of Science with Your Child

Preschoolers have an insatiable need to explore and understand things that adults might overlook. As Rachel Carson says, children need an adult who can sharethis joy of discovery with them. You can help your child by sharing the joy of discovering science at home and in your neighborhood. DOWNLOAD ARTICLE

Home Sorting Ideas

Early experiences in sorting and classifying help young children notice how things are alike and different. They will apply this understanding when learning mathskills in the primary grades. Here are some ways you and your child can sort and classify at home. DOWNLOAD ARTICLE

A Family Shadow Walk

The children and teachers have been exploring shadows in our classroom and outdoors. The children have learned things like how to make shadows bigger and smaller and how to make shadows with extra legs and arms or even two heads. Family walks, no matter where (around the block, in a park, at the beach), provide […]

Help Your Preschooler Gain Self-Control

When asked about school readiness skills, many teachers say children who succeed in kindergarten know when and how to control their impulses. They can follow through when a task is difficult and listen to directions for a few minutes. These skills are linked to self-control. Children can develop them at preschool and at home. Here […]

Building Social and Emotional Skills at Home

Our classroom is a busy place where your preschooler is learning all sorts of things, including social and emotional skills such as how to express feelings and how to work together with classmates on a project. Most of the time the classroom is a happy place where the children enjoy playing and learning together. Occasionally, […]